Private meditation sessions

with Regina Kaiser

As a certified meditation teacher and professional intuitive/healer,  I have worked with thousands of men and women with a desire to fulfill their best potential. There are times when we can all use extra help to get through life transitions.  Rather than avoid change, you are encouraged to grow confidence and trust. 

Life transitions include:

  • health concerns
  • healing loss
  • relationships
  • career choices
  • loneliness
  • emotional upsets
  • menopause
  • confusion 

Life brings us hurdles to overcome, but you don't have to do it alone. 

Receiving guidance and support in a one-on-one setting relieves the soul of suffering and helps put things into perspective. Private sessions will help ease you through transitions in your life and allow you to feel supported in mind, body, soul and spirit. A private meditation session can also be added to any of our courses for further support and clarity.

1 hour sessions $125

Three 1 hour sessions $299 

Interested in one of our courses but would prefer the privacy and direct support of a certified teacher to work with you on a more personal level? Our six session course The Power of Awareness as well as any of our courses are also offered privately with Regina Kaiser. 

Learn how to reduce stress in your life and improve your well-being with the support of a certified teacher who can work with you on a more personal level.  

6 classes $99 each 

Private prepaid course $594

All sessions are virtual and by appointment.

Contact me privately to discuss your needs and book your appointment

Intuitive | Psychic Readings

Discover your potential

For more than 20 years, I've been facilitating the self-healing process as a Professional Intuitive.  

During a reading, I assist you in understanding the messages that are relatable to your life today. I do not give out advice or make predictions; no one has better information for you than you! Let me support you in living your true potential and nurturing  spirit first. Choose from the three types of readings below.

Aura | Chakra Reading

Your aura is made up of layers that represent the seven primary chakras.  Each layer is filled with information that affects how you feel and the decisions you make every day. 

I begin with reading the root chakra and finish with the crown chakra to give you a clearer understanding of the life lessons you are working through and how they relate to your strengths, fears or limitations in making lifestyle choices.  

1 hour session  $125

Past Life Reading

A past life reading brings clarity to who you are today. I’ll identify  your current growth cycle and three past lives you are drawing upon. This allows you to understand why you feel the way you do in certain circumstances or relationships. 

These past lives bring insightful perspectives, allowing you to make any changes that you decide are appropriate to your personal evolution. Note this is not a past life regression.  Let your karma guide you.  

1 hour session $125 


Spirit Energy Reading

This is a combination of the Aura/Chakra and Past Life Reading.  

90 min session $147

By appointment sessions are offered virtually and recorded by request.

Contact me to discuss your options