Veracis Meditation Program

A course of studies in conscious living

So much more than a mindful meditation practice. Our lessons and guided meditations facilitate the self-healing process and spiritual well-being.

Created by Regina Kaiser in 2000, the program is based on an integration of Eastern and Western energy based philosophies. 

Veracis Meditation Program is offered in progressive levels, each requiring completion before continuing.  This builds a strong foundation of awareness to pepare you for the next lessons. 

“Learn about yourself and how to manage your emotions, energy and relationships, using meditation as a powerful tool for transformation. Well thought out program. Kind. Gentle. Effective.” Susan

Classes include lessons, guided meditations, notes and home focus suggestions. 

On-demand courses make it easy for you to enroll and learn at your own pace.  Live-stream courses as scheduled. 

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What you get in this program

  • A strong meditation foundation

    Get a solid start to meditating and continue learning and growing. Lessons encourage spiritual consciousness through the self-healing process.

  • Clear step-by-step instructions

    We'll give you simple and clear steps to connect body, mind and soul with spirit. Thoughts, feelings and memories that no longer serve you can be transformed.

  • A spiritual experience

    Let us teach and guide you on your journey of self-discovery and healing. All the skills you learn can be applied to everyday life as you take meditating into living life as a peaceful spirit in a human body.

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