Holiday Calm Meditations

Feel the joy of peace on earth

Stay calm and peaceful during the holiday season! 

Library includes Loving Kindness (LK) and Reflective (RM) Meditations. 

  • Never feel alone  
  • Shift chaos to calm
  • Reduce stress and worry
  • Make peace with life in the moment
  • Enter the stillness of the season


Holiday Calm Library

  • 1

    Loving Kindness Holiday Calm Library

    • LK - All is Calm

    • LK - Trust & Love

    • LK - Holiday Stillness

    • LK - Appreciation & Peace on Earth

  • 2

    Reflective Meditation Holiday Classes

    • RM - Relax with Inner Peace

    • RM - Sparking Joy

    • RM - Silent Night

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