Journey through your Chakras

7 casses, for beginners and those with experience

Let's shift from an intellectual approach to a spiritual one. Connect with your primary chakras using your inner wisdom, self-awareness and more.  

Relating to your chakras brings awareness to how you are responding to people and events in your life.   We'll link the meaning of each chakra so you balance, mind, body, emotions, and soul. 

 Nurturing your primary chakras  with understanding creates more ease and flow in the life you are creating.

Get started today to feel lighter and brighter !  

What you get

  • Explanation of 7 primary chakras

  • Guided meditations based on lessons

  • Cleansed and balanced chakras

  • Notes for reference

  • Home focus for inspiration

Course curriculum

  1. 1
  2. 2
    • a. Root Chakra - Stability & Trust

    • b. Root Chakra - Notes & Home Focus

  3. 3
    • a. Sacral Chakra Emotions & Innocence

    • b. Sacral Chakra - Notes & Home Focus

  4. 4
    • a. Solar Plexus Chakra

    • b. Solar Plexus - Notes & Home Focus

  5. 5
    • a. Heart Chakra

    • b. Heart Chakra - Notes & Home Focus

  6. 6
    • a. Throat Chakra

    • b. Throat Chakra - Notes and home focus

  7. 7
    • a. Third Eye Chakra

    • b. Third Eye Chakra

  8. 8
    • a. Crown Chakra

    • b. Crown Chakra

    • Chakra Journey Quiz

    • Chakra Journey Notes

    • Before you go

It's up to you

This is where you decide how you want to relate to yourself through your chakras


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What students are saying

by Terry

Great class for people of all levels of meditators. I continue to learn in spite of having done it before.