Journey through your Chakras

Bring light to understanding your energy centres

Discover how nurturing your primary chakras creates more ease and flow in the life you are creating.

Each lesson focuses on an individual chakra, starting with the root and finishing with the crown. We learn about the location of the chakra, the symbolism and connect with the energy in that chakra through a guided meditation.

Relating to your chakras brings awareness to how you are responding to people and events in your life.  Because no matter where you are on your journey, there is always room to grow, to discover your strength in taking steps to living your fullest life. 

Seven lessons and guided meditations are included.  

Get started today to feel lighter and brighter   


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by Terry

Great class for people of all levels of meditators. I continue to learn in spite of having done it before.


Certified Meditation Teacher/Healer

Regina Kaiser

Regina Kaiser is a gifted intuitive, meditation trainer, spiritual teacher, speaker, integrated healer, artist and owner of Veracis Meditation. She is also a published co-author with Shirley Weir in Mokita: How to navigate menopause with confidence and ease. Regina is the creator of the Veracis® Meditation Program, a course of studies in conscious living, with a structured format that supports and encourages spiritual development.