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"As a teacher, I mirror your wisdom. Like you, I am a peaceful spirit in a human body." - Regina Kaiser

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Meditating is a personal and spiritual path unique to you. Whether you are seeking relaxation, inspiration or spiritual growth we are here for you. Let us guide you with live-stream and on-demand classes.
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    Stay safe and connected in the comfort of your home! As an on-line community we bring you classes to access on your own or live-stream in a group setting.

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Beginner Meditation Course

The Power of Awareness

Understanding Categories

  • Live-Stream classes are offered in a virtual group setting, facilitated by a certified meditation teacher.

  • Libraries are where recorded classes can be accessed individually, on-demand 24/7

  • Meditation Program is our course of studies in conscious living. Offered in progressive levels with instructional courses. Complete on-demand (individually) or live-stream in a group as scheduled.

  • Memberships provide the best value for easy access and on-going support, live-stream and on-demand.

  • Workshops are 4-8 classes in a set that can be accessed on-demand, 24/7

Understanding Pricing 

Prices are listed in each category starting at $11 for a single class in the libraries.

More classes are now offered under the price of membership.

Membership value pricing makes it easy to access the classes you want, exactly when you want them.

We understand you might hesitate committing to a monthly membership. So we made it easy for you to unsubscribe at any time.

Not sure?  You can pay-as-you-go with single classes in libraries and  bundle rates for workshops.

Courses (series), retreats and private sessions continue to be offered at a set price.

Note: this site is currently under construction as we add more services, programs and memberships for beginners and advanced.  Pages and pricing subject to change. Thank you for your patience.

Contact: info@veracis.ca

Total Serenity Membership

7 day free trial - includes live stream and on-demand meditation classes