It's great to meet you.  My name is Regina Kaiser.  

I'm a certified meditation teacher looking forward to sharing your journey with you. 

Listen to these free guided meditations for daily inspiration, or as an introduction to what we have to offer here at Veracis Online Meditation. Length of meditations vary from 6 min. to 45 min.  so you can go as deep as you wish. 

Topics Include

  • Stillness
  • Patience
  • Clearing Confusion
  • Healing Anxiety
  • Healing the Physical Body
  • Loving Kindness

Access free guided meditations in two easy steps:

1. Create a Free Account 

2. Enroll in the Short Guided Meditation Library 

Find a comfy place to sit and listen and start your journey to feeling clear and calm. 

Be kind and gentle with yourself. Take this one breath at a time. 

Contact:  Regina@veracis.ca 

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