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We know life is eventful and you can't always get to one of our live guided meditation classes or courses.  

Access a library of live recorded meditation classes with lessons that inspire contemplation and self-reflection and bring a nurturing positivity to growth. 

Length of each class is 30 - 40 minutes

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    Access any Reflective Meditation class listed below at anytime.

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    Be inspired with lessons followed by a guided meditation so you keep evolving.

  • Peace of Mind

    Rest easy knowing you are connected with your conscious spiritual path through self-directed inspirational classes.

Chapters and Classes

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  1. 2
    • About

    • Entering the Silence Meditation

    • The Present Moment Body Healing

    • Listening to your Call with Chakra Balancing

    • Seeds of Potential with Chakra Balancing

    • The Path of Patience

  2. 3
    • About

    • Emerging Soul

    • Serenity, Calm & Sound Healing

    • Grounding Intention & Mother Earth

    • Journey through the Heart

  3. 4
    • About

    • Seven Chakra Cleanse & Balance

    • The 5 Elements & Chakras

    • Purification & 5th Chakra

  4. 5
    • About

    • Centered vs Un-centered

    • Grounded vs Un-grounded

    • Energetic Boundaries

    • Forgiveness & Ending Blame

    • Balancing Giving & Receiving

    • Overcoming Guilt Shame Anger

    • Making Peace with Anxiety

    • Harmony Sound Bath

    • The Art of Letting Go

    • Creating with Gratitude

    • Peace & Acceptance

    • Return to Trust

    • Rebalancing Mind, Emotions, Soul w Chakras

    • Managing Difficult Emotions

  5. 6
    • About

    • Solitude vs Isolation

    • Gathering Joy

    • Trusting Your Intuition

    • Reaching In & Out

    • Aligning with your Vision - STUDENT FAVOURITE

    • Clearing The Confusion

    • Holding the Dream

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What students are saying:

by Lisa

"I absolutely LOVE the on-demand meditation classes! I can’t always attend the live classes so it’s great that not only am I able to listen to a recording of the weekly classes, but I also have access to the full meditation library! It has been so easy to add meditation to my life and I honestly look forward to listening to the recordings at the end of my day! And if there is something specific I’m struggling with, there is most likely a recording in the meditation library to help! I can't say enough good things about the new online meditation classes!" (Total Serenity Member)