Your Life is Waiting

Believe in yourself

This is level 2 in Veracis Meditation course of studies in conscious living. 

Take your journey inwards to discover the secret to creating and manifesting. Each unit expands your awareness to create with renewed trust, while managing thoughts, emotions and actions.

How ready are you to start manifesting your desires?  

Course includes units on:

  1. The present moment
  2. Growth periods - spirit, mind and body relationship
  3. Ease and flow versus resistance and effort
  4. Gratitude, desires and intention
  5. Forgiveness and steps to manifesting consciously 
  6. Validation and spiritual authority
  7. Emotions and spirituality
  8. Empathy and sympathy, giving and receiving
  9. Worthiness

Complete the lessons up to Emotions & Spirituality to connect with Regina Kaiser for a  Live Class Monday 7:30 pm January 24, 2022

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  • $149.00

    Course fee includes lessons, activities and guided meditations with 90 days access

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