Stay clear and calm

Be Inspired.  Anywhere. Anytime.

We know life is eventful and you can't always get to one of our live guided meditation classes or courses.  

Access a library of meditations that inspire contemplation and self-reflection, and bring a nurturing positivity to growth. 

Classes are recorded live, with lessons and guided meditations. 

Library includes:

  1. Abundance & Calm
  2. Creative Abundance
  3. Comfort in Healing Loss
  4. Dealing with Anger - Calm your Mind
  5. Directions of Forgiveness
  6. Enthusiasm and Hope 
  7. Focused Clarity
  8. Fresh Start
  9. Grounding Happiness
  10. Honouring Forgiveness
  11. Listening with the Heart
  12. Mindful Moments  
  13. Patience and Tolerance
  14. Peace and Relaxation
  15. Reclaiming Inner Peace
  16. Sound Bath Meditation
  17. Relaxation to Reduce Anxiety
  18. Taking a Mindful Moment with Chakra Balancing
  19. Trust

With the Total Serenity Membership, you have access to all guided meditations for the duration of your membership. 

With the purchase of a single class, you have access to the guided meditation for one week.


Included in Total Serenity Membership

Inspired to learn more?

We offer so much more than a mindfulness practice. In The Power of Awareness our lessons and meditations guide you on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Instructions guide you to understand the framework of your energy system.