How to Use Meditation Library

Be Inspired.  Anywhere. Anytime.

We know life is eventful and you can't always get to one of our live guided meditation classes or courses.  

Access a library of live recorded meditation classes with lessons that inspire and encourage positivity.  

What is Reflective Meditation?

Reflective Meditations inspire contemplation and self-reflection and bring a nurturing positivity to growth. 

How to Use:    

  • Create a quiet, comfortable space where you will not be disturbed.
  • Start at the beginning or with any topic that 'speaks' to you or choose one randomly.   
  • Sit back, take a deep breath and press play. 
  • Let the magic begin!

Listen to any topic as often as you like. 

Reflective Meditation Library

24/7 access to unlimited guided meditations

  • 1

    Holiday Calm Meditations

    • RM - Holiday Calm

    • RM - Holiday Ca

  • 2

    Reflective Meditations

    • RM - Abundance & Calm

    • RM - Creative Abundance (t)

    • RM - Comfort in Healing Loss

    • RM - Dealing with Anger - Calm your Mind

    • RM - Directions of Forgiveness

    • RM - Enthusiasm & Hope

    • RM - Focused Clarity

    • RM - Fresh Start

    • RM - Grounding Happiness (t)

    • RM - Happiness vs Resistance

    • RM- Harmony - Sound Bath

    • RM - Honouring Forgiveness

    • RM - Listening with the Heart

    • RM - Mindful Moments w Chakra Balancing

    • RM - New Beginnings & New Endings

    • RM - Patience & Tolerance

    • RM - Peace & Relaxation

    • RM - Positive Side of Letting Go

    • RM - Reclaiming Inner Peace

    • RM - Sound Bath Meditation

    • Special Class - Relaxation Meditation to Reduce Anxiety

    • RM - Take a Mindful Moment Chakra Balancing

    • RM - Trust

Ready to learn more?

The Power of Awareness - Level 1 Meditation

Learn a powerful foundation meditation. Having techniques that are easy to use can be integrated into your daily life so you feel clear and calm immediately. Join the hundreds of men and women we've taught for over 20 years who now live a peaceful life. The Power of Awareness is offered as a Live course or recorded for self-study.
The Power of Awareness Beginner Meditation