About Veracis® Meditation

Veracis® Wellness Inc. was founded by visionary Regina Kaiser in 2000. What started as a home-based business grew into a thriving meditation and yoga studio in Port Moody, B.C., which then transformed into an online meditation community in 2020. 

Our intentions are to provide tools that empower and educate people to live to their best potential and enjoy their lives! At Veracis, we are more than just mindful meditation. Our certified instructors teach lessons on peace, loving kindness, anxiety, grief, presence, grounding and forgiveness to name a few. 

We offer live and recorded courses and guided meditations to support the balance and healing of spirit, soul, body and mind. Regina offers holistic services including aura and past life readings. As well, when we are able, we love to gather in beautiful British Columbia for mediation retreats.

Certified Veracis Meditation Teachers

CVMTs have trained extensively to communicate the Veracis® model of teaching in a consistent, safe, and accurate way.

Certified Meditation Teacher/Healer

Regina Kaiser

Regina Kaiser is a meditation instructor, spiritual teacher, speaker, integrated healer, gifted intuitive, artist and owner of Veracis Meditation. Regina is the creator of Veracis® Meditation Program, a course of studies in conscious living, with a format that supports and encourages spiritual development. "I started my spiritual journey in the late 1990's and discovered meditation was the key to inner peace and manifesting. Join me today in rediscovering the light within."

Certified Meditation Teacher

Marian MacNeil

Marian completed her yoga teacher training in 2009 and started teaching at Veracis the same year. She is also a Certified Veracis® Meditation Teacher and has a B.Sc in Kinesiology. Although inspired by many styles of yoga, Marian is drawn to the softer approaches, such as gentle Hatha and restorative Yoga.

Certified Meditation Teacher

Liesl Jurock

Liesl is a career educator, a writer and a Certified Veracis® Meditation Teacher. She was drawn to yoga and meditation alongside becoming a mother, to stay centred and calm amidst the busy-ness of life. She is honoured to teach and learn with the Veracis community.

Certified Meditation Teacher

Nicole Rodriguez

Nicole discovered meditation by accident in 2005. At the time, she was a parent of young children and felt overwhelmed by all the stresses of a busy life. Nicole was amazed by the clarity and joy she started experiencing after her meditation classes at Veracis. She began her teaching journey in 2012 to support others in experiencing the wonderful benefits of meditation, including more gratitude, deep breaths and loving kindness.

Certified Meditation Teacher

Zoe McDermott

Zoe became a student of meditation at Veracis many years ago. The classes she took deeply impacted how she was navigating her inner and outer world. Zoe continued through all the courses offered at Veracis and completed the Veracis® Meditation Teacher training in 2020. She love how teaching creates heartfelt connections and deepens the understanding of self.

Certified Meditation Teacher

Maureen Kane

Maureen has a long developed interest in personal development, having studied reiki, reflexology, aromatherapy and meditation. She found Veracis Meditation in 2005, which opened the door to a new journey of self-awareness and healing. Maureen has been teaching meditation classes since 2011.

Certified Meditation Teacher

Michelle Sigismund

Michelle found meditation five years ago when work stress and illness nudged her into making a healthy change. After her first course at Veracis, she was hooked and went through all the courses including completing teacher training in 2020. Her intentions as a teacher are to help people find their way back to themselves so they can find their power in stillness.

Certified Meditation Teacher

Solange Bernier

Solange has been with Veracis® since 2000 and received her meditation teacher certification in 2012. Her journey with Veracis gave her the tools and support she needed to heal and make sense of life’s beauty and challenges. Solange moved from Quebec to British Columbia in 1988 to satisfy her love of the ocean and the forest.