Expanding Trust

Clearing the path from within

Cultivating Compassion - Level 3 Meditation has 2  modules; Expanding Trust and Healthy Relationships.    

Expanding Trust is an exciting course for when you are ready to free your soul from past conditioning relating through your chakras as spirit first.   Lessons are offered in the familiar format experienced in previous levels, expanding on ways to cope with anxiety and develop trust. 

Come connect with compassion and love. 

 Units & lessons in this course: 

  • Grounding Energy & Space
  • Conscious Chakra Healing
  • Transcending Judgment
  • Love & Fear
  • Perfect Pictures
  • Patience

"Some of the most valuable lessons for me have come from the connections you make with the lesson for the week and experiences you've had in your own life. "  

Interested in this course? 

Contact regina@veracis.ca for enrollment access. This course has prerequisites and requires manual enrollment. Payment is made by email. We accept mastercard, visa and e-transfer.   Thank YOU.



  • $99.00

    Course fee includes lessons, activities and guided meditations with 60 days access

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